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2018-2019 Student Handbook & University Policies 
2018-2019 Student Handbook & University Policies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Unofficial Withdraw Policy AS.014

LU Policy Number: AS.014

Effective Date: 12/3/2013

Approval Date: 12/3/2013

Revised Date: N/A

Purpose: Establishes the standard for withdrawal for underperforming students

Additional Authority: N/A

Scope: All Students (COC&CGUS) of Life University

Approval Authority: Provost/EVPAA

Responsible Authority: Academic Affairs-Student

Definitions: N/A

Policy Title

Unofficial Withdrawal Policy

Policy Statement

Students who receive a grade of “F” in all courses for which they are enrolled during a given quarter will be withdrawn from the institution retroactively effective Wednesday of week 5 and notified.



Other Notes

Proposed: 11/15/2013

Academic Council vote: 12/03/13 | Approved (with the addition of “and notified”)