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2018-2019 Student Handbook & University Policies 
2018-2019 Student Handbook & University Policies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Transient Students Policy AS.025

LU Policy Number: AS.025

Effective Date: 5/26/2016

Approval Date: 5/26/2016

Revised Date: N/A

Purpose: To enable Life University degree-seeking students to enroll at other institutions of higher education recognized by an accrediting agency of the U.S. Department of Education or allow students from other institutions to enroll at Life University on a temporary basis, the following policy has been established.

Additional Authority: N/A

Scope: All Students (COC&CGUS) of Life University

Approval Authority: Provost/EVPAA

Responsible Authority: Academic Affairs-Student

Definitions: N/A

Policy Title

Transient Students Policy

Policy Statement

Transient students are those who are permitted to enroll at Life University for one-quarter only before returning to their parent institution. Students must submit an application form and meet the admissions/registration requirements for non-degree seeking students as outlined in the university catalog, including completion of a Transient Student Form.

Life University students who wish to enroll at another regionally accredited institution must secure prior approval to receive transfer credit. The Transient Student Form should be used for this purpose.

Transient students must receive confirmation from their respective Registrar’s Office that:

  • The student is regularly enrolled in a degree program and eligible to re-enroll;
  • There is no registration hold on the student account, including financial balance;
  • The student is in good standing; and
  • The student is legally classified as a resident or non-resident for tuition assessment purposes or as a documented or resident alien.

The student’s academic advisor’s signature signifies pre-approval that courses will be acceptable upon receipt of an official transcript from the school to which they will be transient.

Timeliness of application is directly related to the transient school’s start-date for the term. Students desirous of transient status elsewhere should submit the Life University Official Transient Student Form far enough in advance to acquire necessary permissions, prior to the school’s registration period for transient/visiting students.


Life University students (with a 2.0 or higher LU total institution GPA) who wish to take coursework at another institution and receive academic credit at the institution may do so if the following conditions are met:

  1. Student must have already attended Life University for at least two quarters earning a total institutional grade point average of 2.0 or higher;
  2. Student must complete a Transient Student Form (available at the Student Advocacy Center) obtaining the approval of his/her academic advisor and the Registrar;
  3. Course description(s) and syllabi from the transient institution’s catalog must be attached to the Transient Student Form;
  4. If the student is within the last 25% of hours needed for graduation, the student must also obtain the written approval of his/her academic dean;
  5. Students may not take transient courses if they are in their final quarter for their degree;
  6. Students may be approved for transient status for only one quarter at a time;
  7. Students must make a minimum grade of “C” to assure that the course will be accepted in transfer;
  8. Students are reminded to consult with the financial aid office to determine if they are eligible to receive aid and if so, when it will be disbursed;
  9. Life University students may not receive any Title IV aid (Pell Grant, Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loans) at the host institution. These will be awarded by Life University (home institution) if the student is eligible and may reimburse the student for fees paid out-of-pocket;
  10. Students attending another institution as a transient student will have a hold placed on their record awaiting an official transcript from the host institution which must be requested by the student;
  11. Failure to receive a transcript from the host institution may affect the student’s existing registration for the subsequent term at Life University;
  12. In the event the student is unable to attend for the requested term, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain a letter from the transient institution stating that the student did not attend and submit it to the Registrar;
  13. A student must make application to the school he/she wishes to attend;
  14. International transcripts require an official comprehensive course-by-course evaluation provided by: World Education Services; Global Education Group; or Josef Silny & Associates.

Life University cannot request another institution to accept a student during any period of ineligibility at Life University, but we have no objection to another institution allowing you to attend while on academic contract. No transfer credit hours will be awarded at Life University for credit hours earned at another institution during any period of academic or disciplinary ineligibility.

Note: Courses taken as a transient will not be calculated in the Life University GPA, however transient work may affect a student’s eligibility for graduation with honors.

Other Notes

Approved by Academic Affairs on 5/10/2016 | Approved by Academic Council on 5/25/2016