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2021-2022 Student Handbook & University Policies 
2021-2022 Student Handbook & University Policies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CGUS/COE Returning (Hiatus) Policy AS.049

LU Policy Number: AS.049

Effective Date: 5/1/2020

Approval Date: 05/28/20

Revised Date: N/A

Purpose: Clarifies the process for students returning to Life University who were not academically dismissed.

Additional Authority: N/A

Scope: All undergraduate and graduate students of Life University

Approval Authority: President

Responsible Authority: Student Services, Academic Affairs

Recipients: Admissions, Registrar, University Advisement

Definitions: N/A


Policy Title

CGUS/COE Returning (Hiatus) Policy


Policy Statement

Any previously enrolled undergraduate or graduate student who left in good standing and who has not been enrolled at Life University for less than 3 consecutive quarters must initiate reactivation via the Readmission Form and submit to the Registrar’s Office. This requirement does not apply to Dual Degree students who are enrolled at Life University for consecutive quarters in either declared program, including those enrolled in the DC program. Students who “sit out” from one of their programs while enrolled in the second program will not need to complete the Readmissions Application.





Other Notes