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2022-2023 Orientation Resource Guide 
2022-2023 Orientation Resource Guide

Campus Activities & Recreational Programs

Campus Activities 

The Campus Activities Board is housed in the Office of Student Affairs with the express purpose of providing entertainment, recreation and educational programs for Life University’s student body. CAB, which is comprised of part-time Campus Activities Monitors, helps to plan student events on campus.

If you like planning and participating in events designed for students such as concerts, parties, bands/ DJs, holiday festivals and dinners, open mic nights and other fun gatherings, the Campus Activities Board is a great way to get involved and get your friends and colleagues involved as well!


Any student with a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher can become a member of the Campus Activities Board.

For more information or to join CAB or its membership, please email or


Student Organizations

Welcome to the world of clubs and organizations at Life University. Our goal is to provide you, our students, with a variety of clubs, organizations, activities and events on campus to supplement your classroom experiences. While we realize our student population has a wide variety of interests, we hope that somewhere in our offerings you can find something that appeals to you and engages you while you are a student at Life University. The most up-to-date contact information for each registered club, organization and activity is also listed on Engage and can be accessed through the Life University website on the Student Engagement page. The clubs and organizations at Life University play an essential role in bettering our community. They bring activities and events to the community that allow you to broaden your horizons and expand your experiences.

Looking to join a student organization?

Use Engage – Engage is a web-based application that allows you to join, connect with and start student organizations. There’s no better way to get involved and joining is quick. Engage will create a more efficient and connected campus!

Create Your Account
Sign up using your “LIFE” username and password. Search for organizations and opportunities.

Sign in now here.

Explore Student Organizations
Click on “Organizations” to search for all LIFE organizations.

Joining an Organization in Engage
If you would like to join, just click on the blue button saying “Join”.

Student Engagement & Leadership

Recognizing that well-balanced students are infinitely more prepared for life after college, Life University offers opportunities for student involvement, for students to express themselves, contribute to their talents and develop new friendships and relationships both on campus and in the community.

Life University offers various clubs and organizations which you can join. From nutrition clubs and organizations to sports clubs, and from Student Council to chiropractic technique clubs, there is something for everyone.


What is Engage? Engage is your way to connect to organizations, communicate with other members and explore your community.

Find Organizations. Join up with the organizations you are already a member of or find out what else is going on on-campus.

Stay Connected. Use discussion boards, news posts and group messaging to communicate within your organizations.

Keep Track of Involvement.  Record your activities and memberships to showcase your involvement while on campus.

Visit Engage and login with your Life University Credentials:


The LIFE community uses a custom login system to give you access, so you don’t have to create an account, you can just use your LIFE username and password to sign in at

Leading at LIFE

Student Affairs provides a supportive environment encouraging students to explore their interests and develop leadership skills.

Student Affairs’ featured leadership programs include quarterly Lunch and Learn, the Student Leadership Summit and the Annual Student Leader Awards Night. To view student leadership events, join the Student Leadership Organization’s Training and Leadership portal.

Looking for Other Ways to Lead at LIFE?

Consider joining the Campus Activities Board, LIFE Student Council or Conduct Review Board. Or, perhaps become a Student Ambassador, Orientation Leader or Resident Assistant.


Student Engagement & Leadership (770) 426-2700

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: Follow Us! @STULIFEU

Contact the involvement team at

Career Services

A typical need for incoming students is part time employment and Career Services is available to assist with your search.


All other Career Services offerings a found on our Career Services website and Engage pages.

We encourage you to explore these sites!

  • Career and Major Exploration
  • Resume/CV Assistance
  • Career Fairs
  • Off-Campus Part Time Employment
  • Interview Preparation

Looking for a part-time job?

On campus:

Federal work study and part time positions as well as the processes for applying can be found on the Human Resources web page. Life University offers many part time and work study jobs, many of which will assist you in developing in 8 competencies that are critical to career readiness.

Off campus:

1. Stop by the off-campus part time job bulletin board near the Student Advocacy desk in the LRC.

2. Check out our online job posting board: Careers4LIFE!

We have a platform that will allow you to search a variety of jobs and practice opportunities. While many of the posted opportunities are for employment after graduation, we also encourage local employers to utilize this site to connect with LIFE students who are interested in part-time employment. These will be posted under off campus student employment and part time categories.

Prior to searching the Classified Ads/Job Board for the first time, you must register for a new account. Your username will be your student ID number.

If you cannot register or log-in, please call or email Sue Dudt, Director of Career Services, for assistance at (770) 426-2767 or

In order to register to use the system go to

Important Note: After registering, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. As a security precaution, we will be unable to approve your account until you click on the confirmation link in your email.