Jun 02, 2023  
2023-2024 Orientation Resource Guide 
2023-2024 Orientation Resource Guide

Dean of Students Office

Letter from the Associate VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Welcome to LIFE University! As the Associate VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, it is my pleasure to assist you in your academic, personal, and professional development.  The Office of the Associate VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students is staffed with experienced and talented individuals who are ready to support you. We are committed to a vision of diversity and inclusion that fosters the academic and personal growth of all students. We are here to help you create a vibrant community that enhances the quality of your student experience. 

These efforts include helping students make sensible and informed decisions about academic and personal matters, negotiating the opportunities and challenges that are an important part of a highly demanding academic environment, and finding appropriate resources within and beyond the Division of Student Affairs. We also work with a range of collaborative partners, including academic departments and programs, to create opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members to integrate the learning that takes place inside and outside of the classroom.

Our office is focused on the education our students receive outside the classroom. Though we are mindful that the intellectual life will be the core of the enterprise at LIFE, we are dedicated to the idea that learning continues, is enhanced, and is made meaningful beyond the threshold of the conventional classroom.

The Associate VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Office can help you work through many questions and concerns. Students often land in the Associate VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Office when they are not clear about where to turn for help. 

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of service. Our number one priority is to make the student experience at LIFE University a powerful and enriching one.

Welcome New Eagles!

Dr. Janna Bredeson

Associate VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Safe Space

What is Safe Space?

Safe Space is a campus-wide initiative to respect and support all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or sexual preference. This program provides open support to individuals who identify themselves (publicly or privately) as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, inquiring and questioning, with the aim of ensuring all LGBTIQ students and employees on campus perform at their highest level.

The overall goal is for Life University to create and maintain a campus-wide atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance. LIFE faculty and staff undergo training to become allies as part of the Safe Space program, and the Life University Safe Space symbol will mark their offices and workspaces as safe zones for nonjudgmental conversation and guidance to resources and support. Safe Space is managed by a group of staff and faculty Allies from across campus who wish to increase awareness of issues affecting all minorities with a focus on issues affecting LGBTIQ people. Safe Space provides basic, awareness and ally training in pursuit of three goals:

Awareness:  Gain insights into the lives and experiences of LGBTIQ and other marginalized people and self.

Knowledge:  Gain knowledge on facts relating to   LGBTIQ/marginalized people.

Action:  Bring awareness of self and others’ experiences together with knowledge to create positive change.

To contact the Safe Space team, email SafeSpace@LIFE.edu 


Connect, Advocate, Respect, Encourage/Empower

At Life University we are a supportive small community that wants to make sure our students have the resources they need to help them through their academic and extracurricular journey at Life.


Reach out so we can help. CARE is a user-friendly resource that you can email (CARE@LIFE.edu ) and make a request or share a concern that goes to our AVP of Student Affairs/Dean of Students, Dr Janna Bredeson. We will connect you to a CARE member that will typically make contact by email so you can meet and help learn about the many resources and support services on and off campus.

If you are or know of a student of concern that needs help or support fill out the following form https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?LifeUniv&layout_id=1 so a member of the Life U community can reach out


Take advantage of Life U CARES and be part of caring for yourself and your fellow classmates.


Student Behavioral Assessment Team (SBAT)


Ripple Effect 

Creating Abundance One Ripple at a Time

“There’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” ~Scott Adams

The Ripple Effect is a campus organization whose Mission is to express LIFE’s Lasting Purpose by creating a cycle of common good that is continually perpetuating and amplifying itself. It is an organic cooperative of students, staff and faculty focused on service, random acts of kindness, and compassion for others. We are particularly interested in the spiritual aspect of wellness and understand that each time we give from the sense of giving, doing, loving and serving, our actions are amplified, as ripples in a pond, into waves of abundance (or what happiness researcher Barbara Fredrickson calls “positive upward spirals”).

The name is meant to reflect Life’s foundational value of Lasting Purpose: to give, do, love and serve from sense of abundance. Our view is that, like pebbles in a pond, acts of kindness ripple outward and amplify from the point of impact. Our goal is to make service an integral part of our students’ education and create a ripple that will last throughout their lives.

If you would like to be actively involved in service projects on campus (or in the community), email Happy@LIFE.edu or join the Ripple Effect on Engage.