Jun 02, 2023  
2023-2024 Orientation Resource Guide 
2023-2024 Orientation Resource Guide

Technology Guide







Turning Point

Some of your courses at LIFE University will make use of TurningPoint, a software platform that allows students to engage actively in their classes by using an app on their mobile device (iPhone, tablet, etc.) or laptop. The software, sometimes referred to as “clickers,” allows faculty to take polls, give quizzes, and get feedback from you during class. With this feedback, the instructor will know what points need more discussion and explanation.

A subscription is required for you to receive credit in class for participation. Subscriptions include the ability to respond using any web-enabled device via the Turning Technologies App. Once you’ve verified one or more of your classes will be using TurningPoint, visit the TurningPoint online store (https://account.turningtechnologies.com) to purchase a subscription. A variety of subscription options are available, with prices starting at $24.99 for a single term license. Your instructor will provide additional information on how to create an account and how to activate your subscription.

If you need help with your account or the software, please contact Turning Technologies’ Student Support line at 1-866-746-3015 7 am to 8 pm Monday-Sunday or email support@turningtechnologies.com.


LIFE Email

Email Credentials

Accessing your @student.life.edu Email Address

Step 1: Creating a Password

Please go to https://pwd.life.edu

Enter your username and password. You would have received your credentials in an email from admiss@life.edu with a subject of “Your Life University EagleNet Access” and should look similar to the following example:

Username: john.doe (case sensitive on WebAdvisor and Eaglenet) Password: Example@1234 (case sensitive)

Click on the “Login” button

*Don’t use the I Forgot My Password or My Password Expired links at this time*

Now you will be prompted to change your password:

Enter your old (or temporary) password (listed above)

Enter your new password

Confirm your new password

Click on “Change Password”

Make sure your new password meets all of these requirements:

Minimum length should be at least 8 characters

Must contain both upper and lowercase characters

Must contain at least one special character

Must include at least one number

Must not have 5 consecutive characters from username

Must not be a palindrome (forward and reverse spelling the same)

Must not contain any character more than twice consecutively

*If everything is successful you will see the following screen*

*Click on the “Click here to continue” link*

*If you haven’t enrolled in the “password self-service portal” before, you will be required to enroll now*

Follow these steps to enroll:

Click on the “Click Here” link to begin the process

Enter your LIFE University Student (or employee) ID:

Enter your ID number a second time to confirm

Click on the Enroll

Register your mobile phone number and/or email address for use in resetting forgotten passwords.

Notes regarding passwords:

  • This password change is for BlackBoard, Email, WebAdvisor and most Life University logins.
  • BlackBoard and Email are available for current students and will become available on the first day of class for new students.
  • Passwords expire in 90 days.
  • For current and prospective students and employees, you will need to change your password EVERY 90 days.
  • BlackBoard and WebAdvisor won’t tell you when your password has expired, it just doesn’t allow you to logon.
  • So, if they stop working, go to https://pwd.life.edu and change your password.

*It is recommended to use an incognito window if you are currently signed into any other Google account on your device

Click here to get to login. This link will direct you to email login like picture below:

Sign in with username@student.life.edu given and password (you set this password after enrolling in pwd.life.edu)

Username: john.doe

3. You should now be logged in and able to access your student email

Password: johndoeisCool123!

*Note: If you have any trouble logging in please email itsupport@life.edu*


EagleNet does not currently work with the Safari browser (Mac’s, iPhone and iPads).  Please use a different browser (Chrome or IE) to access EagleNet.


Your email, EagleNet and BlackBoard all use a single set of credentials, and changes to one will affect the others.

Passwords must be changed every 90 days.  You will receive multiple notices that your password needs to be changed before it expires.  Please don’t ignore them, as once your password expires you won’t be able to access any of your LIFE accounts. 

Changing Your Password

There are links to the Password Manager on the sign-in pages for BlackBoard, EagleNet and Email, or you may go directly to:  https://pwd.life.edu

In the “Sign in” box, enter your username, password and click the “Login” button.  If your password has recently expired, you should still be able to login using the expired password in order to create a new one.   If you have not previously enrolled in the password recovery system, you will be required to enroll.  Some notes regarding this enrollment:

  1. Life University ID:  is your student ID number and must be 7 digits, so include any preceding 0’s
  2. Email address:  this needs to be your PERSONAL email address, not your @student.life.edu address
  3. Mobile number:  type the country code of “1”, even though it appears to all ready be filled in for you.

Password Policy Requirements

Your new password must meet the following requirements:

  1. Cannot contain your name or username
  2. Must be between 8 and 15 characters
  3. You cannot reuse the last 3 of your passwords
  4. Must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters (such as ! @ $ *)

IT Help Desk

The IT Help Desk may be accessed by several methods:

Web:  https://itsupport.life.edu  (click login and use your BlackBoard credentials)

Email:  itsupport@life.edu

Phone or SMS:  404-586-4125