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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Chiropractic Sciences

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Total Required Clock Hours: 1229 Total Required Credit Hours: 86

Coursework within the Division of Chiropractic Sciences teaches the student to integrate chiropractic principles, philosophy and office management with the science and art of chiropractic practice. This Division provides the student with the opportunity to develop chiropractic analytical and adjustive skills by applying them to the methods of scientific chiropractic techniques. Technical skills are also integrated with an understanding of chiropractic philosophy, healthy life-styles and ethical principles appropriate to uphold the responsibilities and integrity of a chiropractor in practice. The student is also given the opportunity to learn the necessary chiropractic practice management skills necessary to conduct a successful chiropractic practice.


    Chiropractic Practice Management

    Course work within Chiropractic Practice Management is organized and presented so that all aspects of the practice of Chiropractic are covered sufficiently to provide the student with complete knowledge and a detailed understanding of the practice and patient management side of the chiropractic profession. The coursework includes, but is not limited to, staffing, marketing, doctor-patient and professional relationships.

    Chiropractic Principles and Philosophy

    The courses within Chiropractic Principles and Philosophy provide a theoretical framework for understanding the application of the science of Chiropractic. Through the effective use of deductive reasoning, students begin to understand the vitalistic nature of the human body. The body was “preprogrammed” toward health and balance (homeostasis). Our purpose as Doctors of Chiropractic is to locate and correct any interference to the system in the body that controls and coordinates all functions – the nervous system.

    Public Health

    In each chiropractic technique course, aspects of spinal and extra-spinal management including chiropractic diagnosis, patient evaluation, radiographic analysis, instrumentation and adjustive techniques are presented.

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