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2019-2020 Student Handbook & University Policies 
2019-2020 Student Handbook & University Policies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Five (5) Year Hiatus Rule Policy AS.005

LU Policy Number: AS.005

Effective Date: 7/30/2013

Approval Date: 7/30/2013

Revised Date: N/A

Purpose: Establishes the guidelines for DC students taking a 5 year or twenty quarters hiatus from their studies

Additional Authority:

Scope: All Students of COC, Life University

Approval Authority: Provost/EVPAA,

Responsible Authority: Academic Affairs-Student, Academic Affairs-Faculty & Administration

Definitions: N/A

Policy Title

Five (5) Year Hiatus Rule Policy

Policy Statement

When a student has a continuous interruption or hiatus of five (5) years/twenty (20) quarters or more in their chiropractic education training, academic amnesty will begin upon reacceptance into the program. This will entail the student beginning studies at first credit/first quarter and no credit or consideration will be provided for courses previously completed prior to said hiatus.



Other Notes

Approved by Academic Council on 7/30/2013