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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor’s Core Curriculum (65 Quarter Credit Hours)


Life University is committed to delivering an education designed around a set of Core Life Proficiencies that advance personal integrity and provide the foundation for professional success, social contribution and cultural change. These proficiencies distinguish a Life University education.

The Undergraduate Program offers several degree programs at the Associates and Baccalaureate level. These degree offerings are provided through the Departments of General Education, Sport Health Science, Natural Sciences, Nutrition and Positive Human Development & Social Change. Students must complete requirements listed in specific degree programs and comply with academic regulations of the University, including completion of a Core Curriculum.

The Core Curriculum provides a common foundation of knowledge for the educated college graduate. Core Curriculum areas include communications and humanities, science, mathematics and computers, and social sciences. Provided below is the Core Curriculum for all Baccalaureate level degrees. A modified core listing is provided with respective Associate degree curricular offerings.

Area I: Communications & Humanities

20 Quarter Credit Hours

See program detail for specific requirements.

Area II: Sciences, Mathematics and Computers

(25 Quarter Credit Hours)

See program details for specific requirements.

A. Mathematics

(5 Quarter Credit hours required, grade of “C” or better required.)

B. Science or Math

(15 Quarter Credit hours required.  Choose from the following.)


*These sciences cannot be used to fulfill Areas II, IV–VI for the Science degrees or for Pre-Chiropractic science requirements.

C. Computer Information Management

(5 Quarter Credit hours required for all programs of study.  Grade of “C” or better required for Business and CIM majors.)

Area III: Social Sciences

20 Quarter Credit Hours

See program detail for specific requirements.

B. Social Science

(5 Quarter Credit hours)

C. Social Science Electives

(10 Quarter Credit hours)