May 29, 2024  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administration / Faculty


Life University Administration

Guy F. Riekeman, D.C. Chancellor
Robert Scott, D.C., Ph.D. President
John Altikulac, B.S. Chief Information Officer
Patti Ann Banks Director of the Wellness Center
James Baskett, B.A. Interim Director of Human Resources
Kathleen Bannister Director of Post Graduate Education
Shelly Batcher, B.A.,M.B.A. Executive Director of Marketing
Richard Belcastro, Ed.D. Dean of College of Online Education
Krista Boline, M.B.A., D.C. Director of the Harris Assessment Center
Brenda Boone, B.A. Special Events Director
Cynthia Boyd, B.S., D.C. Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing
Janna Bredeson, Ph.D. Dean of Students
Melvin Burton Interim Director of Fulfillment and Retail Operations
André Clanton, B.A., M.Ed. Assistant Dean of Community Living
Gerald Clum, D.C. Presidential Liaison for External Affairs
Michael Clusserath, B.S., D.C. Associate Dean of Academics, College of Chiropractic
Lydia Dever, D.C., M.Ed. Division Chair of Chiropractic Sciences
John Downes, D.C. Vice President for Global Initiatives
Susan Dudt, B.A., M.A. Director of Career Services
Vincent Erario, D.C. Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Mary Catherine Faust, M.S., Ph.D. Associate Dean, College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
Mark Ferdarko, B.S., D.C. Director of the Center of Health and Optimum Performance
Tameka Glass, B.S., M.A. Director of University Advisement
Timothy Gooding, D.C., B.A. Division Chair of Clinical Sciences
Timothy Gross, M.S., D.C.  Vice President of Academic Affairs
Tim Guest, D.C. Quality Assurance Officer
Genelle Haney, B.S., D.C. Director of Disability Services
Mackel Harris, B.S. Director of Recruitment/Multicultural Affairs
Vincent Hinton, M.S. Director of Counseling
Heather Hoffman, B.S., M.Ed. Registrar
Jana Holwick, M.S., Ph.D. Dean, College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
William D. Jarr, B.B.A. Executive Vice President for Finance
Saphronia Johnson, Ph.D. Assistant Dean, Division of Natural Sciences
Keith Jordan Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Enrollment
Leslie King, M.Ed., D.C. Dean, College of Chiropractic
Rebecca Koch, B.A., M.S. Director of Service Initiatives
Gilles LaMarche, B.S., D.C Vice President of University Advancement
Bernadette Lavender, B.S., D.C. Associate Dean of Clinics, College of Chiropractic
Jessica Magazu, B.A., M.S. Director of Financial Aid
Mark Maiyer, D.C. Director of Clinic Support Services
William Mangum Sports Information Director
John Markham, B.S., D.C. Executive Director of Level III Clinic Programs
Christopher Markie, M.S. Director of Athletic Health Care
John McGee, B.A., M.S. Vice President for Operations
Amy McIlvane, B.S. Budget Director
Erica Michaels, B.A.  Director of Recruitment
Jo Anne Miller, B.B.A. Controller
Steven Mirtschink, D.C. Director of Community Outreach Clinics
Nicoly Myles, M.A., Ed.D. Director of Academic Support
Lauren Nielsen, B.A. Director of Advancement Services
Jayme Pendergast, B.S. M.S. Director of Athletics
Larry Riddle, B.A. Director, Facilities Management
Margaret Rodgers, B.A.  Director of LIFEforce 1000 & Enrollment Strategic Initiatives
Lisa Rubin, M.A., Ph.D. Director of the Student Success Center
Marc Schneider, M.Ed., D.C. Vice President of Student Affairs
Frank Schwitz, D.C. Director of Clinic Advisement
Susan Sharkey, B.A., D.C. Director of the Campus Center for Health and Optimum Performance
Phyllis Shropshire, B.A., M.A. Director of Student Accounts
Michael Smith, M.S., Ph.D. Associate Dean of Academic Engagement
William Spalding-Watson, M.A. Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Jennifer Stroble, B.S., M.Ed. Assistant Dean, Student Development & Engagement
Tommy Stucky, M.S. Director of Student Athlete Performance
Stephanie Sullivan, D.C., Ph.D. Director of the Sid Williams Center for Chiropractic Research
Sandra Terry, B.A., M.A. Interim Director, Student Advocacy
Jennifer Valtos, B.A., M.S. Director of Training - CCISE/Student Affairs
Mamie Ware, M.S. Ph.D. Division Chair of Basic Sciences
Melissa Waters, B.A., M.A. Director of Student Administrative Services
Christopher Wells, Ph.D Assistant Dean, Division of Liberal Studies
Kathleen Williams, B.A., M.S.L.S. Director of Learning Resources
Richard Williams, Ed.D. Assistant Dean, Division of Sport Health Science
Howard Wright, B.S., M.B.A., Ed.D. Director of Institutional Research Operations

Life University Faculty

Professor Emeritus

Ronald Kath, M.S., Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change


Salman Afsharpour, Ph.D. Basic Sciences
Debra Bisiacchi, M.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Andrei Bourdeinyi, M.D., Ph.D., D.C. Basic Sciences
Margaret Capes, M.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Gary Craft, B.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Samuel H. Demons, M.S., Ph.D. Basic Sciences
Susan Esposito, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Robert Bruce Fox, D.C. Clinical Sciences
Joseph Guagliardo, B.S., D.C. Clinical Science
Roohieh Hamrang, M.D., D.C. Clinics
Jerry Hochman, B.A., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Laura Huber, D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
David Koch, D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Vinnavadi Ravikumar, M.S., Ph.D. Basic Sciences
Robert Rectenwald, D.C. Clinics
Jeffrey Rupp, M.A., Ph.D. Sport Health Science
Brent Russell, M.S., D.C. Center for Chiropractic Research
George Teston, III, M.S.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Peter Wilson, B.S., D.C. Clinics

Associate Professor

Mike Abbatinozzi, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Mark Amos, B.A., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Fang Bian, Ph.D. Nutrition
Stephen Bloomingdale, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Beatrice Borges, B.S. D.C. Clinics
James Carter, D.C. Clinical Sciences
William Carter, D.C. Clinical Sciences
Kelly Cecatto, Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies
Shawn Cradit, Ed.D, M.S. Sport Health Science
Beverly Demetrius, M.A., E.D. Nutrition
Humberto Dutra, M.S., Ph.D. Natural Sciences
Joseph Haezebrouck, D.C. Clinics
Deidre Harrison, M.S., Ph.D. Natural Sciences
Charmaine Herman, M.A., D.C. Clinical Sciences
William Kessel, B.A., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Brigette Kinard, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Jeffrey Lander, M.S., Ph.D. Sport Health Science
Philip Librone, B.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Daniel Michel, D.C. Clinics
Maria Michelin, B.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Mercy Navis, B.S., M.S. Basic Sciences
Keith Rau, D.C. Sport Health Science
Frank Ruechel, M.Ed., Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies
Jerry Schar, B.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Brian Sheres, B.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Rick Sherkel, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Lauren Simmons, Ph.D. Basic Sciences
Amanda Timberlake, M.S. Sport Health Science
Michael Tomasello, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Gwendolyn Tutt, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Kent Vanderslice, D.C., B.S. Clinics
David Wallace, M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies

Assistant Professor

Russell Andrews, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Paula Billups, Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Paul Blumsack, D.C. Clinics
Cara Bradford, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Blake Bradford, D.C.  Chiropractic Sciences
Kathryn Bruce, M.S., Ph.D. Natural Sciences
Ralph Bucci, D.C. Clinics
Daisy Buckner, B.S., M.S. Natural Sciences
Kelly Dennison, M.S., Ph.D. Basic Sciences
Paul Donaldson, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Jean-Francois Dubuc, D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Joy Dunwoodie, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Gustavo Duran, M.S. Sport Health Science
James Eaton, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Eva Elsangak, R.N., D.C. Clinics
Hussein Elsangak, M.D., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Mitchell Ferguson, M.S., Ed.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Sean Finnegan, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Thomas Flores, M.A., Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Whitney Fuqua, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Gwendolyn Gardner, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Onurkan Guvensel, Ph.D.  Positive Human Development and Social Change
William Hamilton, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Henry Hammond, M.S. Natural Sciences
Lawrence Hansen, B.A., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Bruce Harman, M.S., D.C. Basic Sciences
Kevin Harrison, M.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Adrienne Holloway, M.S. Nutrition
Sherri Ingle, B.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Rebekah Janiak, B.A., M.S. Interdisciplinary Studies
Michael Karlin, M.A., Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Kerry Kramer, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Lynn Krothe, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Christie Kwon, M.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Yit Lim, Ph.D. Sport Health Science
George Lisjak, M.S., D.C. Basic Sciences
Fuhua Lu, Ph.D. Natural Sciences
Billy Lunsford, M.A., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Adaris Mas Rivera, M.A., Ph.D. Natural Sciences
Ronald Mayne, M.A., Ph.D. Basic Sciences
Melodie Mitchell-Black, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Negin Navaei, Ph.D. Nutrition
Robin Nelson, B.S., Ph.D. Natural Sciences
Eric Nicholas, B.A., D.C. Clinics
James Oppenheim, M.P.H., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Dickson Owusu, M.S. Natural Sciences
Eric Parada, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Mickey Parsons, M.Ed. Psy.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Eric Partin, M.A., D.C. Basic Sciences
Mariana Perosino, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Heather Petty, B.S., D.C. Nutrition
Karen Pfeifer, B.S., M.S. Sport Health Science
Danielle Pichette, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Olina Plotkina, M.D., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Donna-Marie Plummer, M.S. Nutrition
Nicole Poirier, B.A., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Kerith Powell, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Marie Powell, M.B.A. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Raj Pradhan, M.S. Natural Sciences
Sailaja Pydimarri, M.S. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Paula Rhodes, B.A., D.C. Clinics
Tamisa Ridley, M.S.L.S. Library
Deborah Roche, M.Ed., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Irving Russell, D.C. Clinics
Peggy Samples, M.S., Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Joyce Sayers, B.A., R.N., D.C. Clinics
Richard Shook, M.A., Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Daniel Smith, D.C. Clinics
Geetha Sridaran, M.S.L.S. Library
Mariana Stempien, M.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Teri Stockwell, B.A., D.C. Clinics
Victoria Strong, B.A., D.C. Clinical Sciences
John Thornhill, B.A., D.C. Clinics
Louis Toth, B.A., D.C. Clinics
Ronald Ware, M.B.A. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Shana Watson, Ph.D.. Basic Sciences
Thomas Wuerth, D.C. Clinics


James Paul, B.A., M.S. Sport Health Science

Adjunct Faculty

Shahla Abghari, M.S., Ph.D. Basic Sciences
Nidhi Ahuja, Ph.D. Distance Learning
Mahmoud Al-Kofahi, Ph.D. Natural Sciences
Sarah Allen, M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies
Carl Amodio, B.A., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Edwin Baidoo, Ph.D. Nutrition
Ibrahim Bah, M.B.A., Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Fang Bian, Ph.D. Nutrition
Nora Bonner, M.F.A., M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies
Jillian Bowes, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Krista Bridgmon, Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Dale Brooker, Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies
Trent Brumbaugh, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Stacy Carter, B.A., M.P.P.A Distance Learning
Sudhanva Char, M.S., Ph.D. Nutrition
Timothy Conroy, D.C. Clinics
Julane Contursi, M.S.  Nutrition
Adam Decker, M.S., D.C. Basic Sciences
Jason Dew, Ph.D. Distance Learning
Michael Douglas, M.S. Sport Health Science
Kwase Dowe, M.S. Nutrition
Gustavo Duran, B.S., M.S. Sport Health Science
Karlyn Edgar, S.Ed., M.Ed. Interdisciplinary Studies
Rachel Elahee, Psy.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Steven Garber, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Jacob Glazier, M.S.Ed., Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Shannon Good, B.Sc., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Elsina Hagan, B.Sc., D.C. Nutrition
Mollie Halle, B.A., J.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Azalea Hancock-Ward, M.S., M.A.T. Sport Health Science
Linda Hanson, M.A. Distance Learning
Kirk Harris, M.B.A. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Lallie Hayes, M.B.A. Positive Human Development and Social Change
John Hoffman, D.C. Sport Health Science
Mary Huffstead, M.Ed. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Adam Janiak, B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies
Ilana Katz, M.S. Clinical Sciences
Pamela Kimbrough, Ed.D. Natural Sciences
Jodi Knapton, B.A., M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies
Joshua Kolonik, B.A., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Andrew Krantz, B.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Melvin Laven, M.S. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Andrew Lee, M.H.A., Ph.D Positive Human Development and Social Change
Fatima Lim-Wilson, Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies
Ashli Linkhorn, B.S., D.C. Sport Health Science
Joshua Marcy, M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies
Nicole McCarty, M.S., D.C. Sport Health Science
Stacy McQuaide, M.S. Interdisciplinary Studies
Ray Muhammad, Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Cailin O’Conner-Fitzpatrick, M.S. Interdisciplinary Studies
Danny Osburn, M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies
David Packer, D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Donna-Marie Plummer, M.S. Nutrition
LeTesa Roberts, M.S. Sport Health Science
Marjorie Roberts, M.S. Sport Health Science
Drew Rubin, B.S., D.C. Clinical Sciences
Stephanie Sears, M.Th., Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Brooke Shriner, Ph.D. Distance Learning
Margaret Sliwka, B.S., D.C. Clinics
Roy Sweat, D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Latrice Thoams, M.P.H., J.D. Chiropractic Sciences
Marla Thompson, M.B.A. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Will Todd, Ed.D Interdisciplinary Studies
Nancy Tress, Ph.D. Distance Learning
Cory Viehl, Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Adam Warshowsky, Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Kimberly Watkins, Ph.D. Positive Human Development and Social Change
Batya Weinbaum, Ph.D. Distance Learning
Julian Wetterlin, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Rebecca Yaun, B.S., D.C. Chiropractic Sciences
Faith Zhou, B.S., M.S. Interdisciplinary Studies