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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Research & Scholarly Activity

Research and Scholarly Activity

Life University is dedicated to creating an environment and providing services that support research, scholarship and innovation across all departments, disciplines and program offerings at the institution.

RISE Scholarships and Student Travel. LIFE U recognizes that students must be introduced to and supported to engage in research and related activities early and throughout their matriculation at the university. This activity is critical to producing the next generation of researchers and thought leaders. Toward that end, RISE (Research, Innovation, Service and Education) scholarships provide opportunities for full-time equivalent students to compete for scholarship funding while working under the mentorship of a LIFE U faculty or staff advisor on research or other evidence-based education, service, entrepreneurial or creative project. Scholarship slots are equally divided between the College of Chiropractic and the College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies. Pending satisfactory progress, scholarships are renewable each quarter and recipients have the funds – $2250 – applied toward their tuition. Students can also compete for funding – up to 80% of registration, travel, lodging and per diem costs – to present their work at conferences and other pre-professional gatherings. All applications are reviewed by the Research Advisory Council, with final award decisions made by the Chief Academic Officer. 

Doctor of Chiropractic (Research Track)

Students who are interested in or develop an interest in doing research while completing their Doctor of Chiropractic degree can apply to participate in the Doctor of Chiropractic Research Track. Students are eligible to participate after the completion of the first six quarters of the program, and may submit an application during their sixth quarter, or later, to one of the Research Track Advisors.

Research Track (RT) students are required to complete 21 academic credit hours in Research. Five of the 21 credit hours are required for all students in the Doctor of Chiropractic Program and are obtained in the following courses: RSCH 2501 RSCH 3601 , and RSCH 4801 . RT students follow the same curriculum as other DC program students, with the following exceptions:

  1. There are independent-study research class requirements (16 credit hours)

As part of the RSCH 5686  and RSCH 5701  coursework, student will be required to complete additional education in research methods appropriate to their projects. This should be determined according to each individual’s background and previous education, and may be done through courses available at Life University, through online course modules, individual consultation, or some other approach.

  1. Research Track students are required to complete only 10 credit hours of elective classes, instead of the 18 elective credit hours normally required for DC program students (note that additional courses/credits taken outside of graduation requirements would not be covered by Federal financial aid policy and must be paid for “out of pocket”).
  2. The following courses are optional for RT students:

Additionally, some classes are eligible for directed study.

Upon acceptance into the Research Track, a research track graduation plan will be created, approved and signed before the plan is forwarded to the official files stored in the Registrar’s Office. Part of the plan will include courses (other than Research courses) that can be taken as independent study so that additional release time in each quarter is available for pursuing research. 

For further information, contact one of the Research Track Advisors: