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2018-2019 Student Handbook & University Policies 
2018-2019 Student Handbook & University Policies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Policy Index

 Policy Index

Policy Areas

University Legal

Academic Affairs - Student

Academic Affairs- Faculty & Administration 


Human Resources

Information Technology



Enrollment & Recruitment


Student Services

Sports & Athletics

Physical Plant



University Legal

Life University Policy Of Policies UL.001    

Alcohol Policy UL.002  

Drug Free Schools, Community and Workplace Policy UL.003      

Non-discrimination Policy UL.004   

Life University Sexual Misconduct and Gender-Based Harassment Policy UL.005  

Academic Affairs - Student

Attendance Policy AS.001  

Definition Of A Credit Hour Policy AS.002  

Dress Code Policy AS.003  

Dual Enrolled Students Degree Completion Progress Policy AS.004  

Five (5) Year Hiatus Rule Policy AS.005  

Pre-DC Financial Aid Policy AS.006  

DC Reinstatement Policy AS.007  

Undergraduate Studies Reinstatement Policy AS.008  

Technical Standards For The Doctor Of Chiropractic Program Policy AS.009  

Technical Standards For The Exercise Science and Sport Health Science Program Policy AS.010  

Technical Standards For The MS Degree in Positive Psychology Program Policy AS.011   

Technical Standards for BS Degree in Nutrition/ Dietetics, Internship program in Dietetics and the Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition Policy AS.012  

Undergraduate Declaration of Major Policy AS.013   

Unofficial Withdraw Policy AS.014  

Adjusting Without Proper Supervision Policy AS.015  

Student Absences for College-Sanctioned Events Policy AS.017  

Conditionally Admitted Students Policy AS.018  

CGUS Acceptance of Course Equivalencies from the COC Policy AS.019  

Alternative Admission Track (AAT) Policy AS.020  

CGUS Academic Honors Requirements Policy AS.021  

Grade Appeal Policy AS.022  

Turning Technologies (Clickers) Policy AS.023  

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy AS.024    

Transient Students Policy AS.025  

Online De-Registration Policy AS.026  

Student Intellectual Property Policy AS.027  

Undergraduate Course Repeat/Retake Policy AS.028  

Academic Advising for Provisional Undergraduate Student Policy AS.029  

Academic Advising for Undergraduate Students Placed on Probation Policy AS.030 (Policy Deleted Due To Creation Of Comprehensive Academic Standing Policies)   

CGUS Academic Advising Policy AS.031  

CGUS Selection Of Concentration Within A Major or Degree Policy AS.032  

CGUS Transfer Policy Regarding Associate Degree and General Education Core Requirements Policy AS.033   

Undergraduate Academic Forgiveness Policy AS.034  

CGUS Evaluation of Transfer Credit Policy AS.035  

Undergraduate Internship for Academic Credit Policy AS.036  

Graduate Academic Standing Policy AS.037  

Undergraduate Academic Standing Policy AS.038  

College of Chiropractic Academic Standing Policy AS.039  

DCP Progression Policy AS.040  

COC Final Dismissal Policy AS.041  

Undergraduate Provisionally Admitted Students Policy AS.042  

Diploma And Commencement Name Policy AS.043  

Undergraduate Maximum Credit Hours per Quarter Policy AS.044  

Doctor of Chiropractic Program (DCP) Dual Degree Course Restriction Policy AS.045  


 Academic Affairs- Faculty & Administration 

DC Faculty Receiving Continuing Education Credits per the Georgia Board Rule Policy AF.001  


Cash and Credit Card Receipts Policy FN.001  

Employee Travel Policy FN.002 (Policy Deleted Due To Creation Of Travel And Expenses Reimbursement Policy FN.007)     

Payroll Policy FN.003   

Petty Cash Policy FN.004  

LIFE U Shop Refund Policy FN.006  

Travel And Expenses Reimbursement Policy FN.007  

Human resources

Acting Vs Interim Policy HR.001  

Confidentiality Policy HR.002  

Sexual Misconduct Policy HR.003   

Promotion, Reclassification and Transfer Policy HR.004   

Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus and Workplace Policy HR.005   

Growth Through LIFE Tuition Grant Program Policy HR.006  

Transfer Of Leave Policy HR.007  

Substance Screening Policy HR.008  

Equal Opportunity Policy HR.009  

Employee Referral Program Policy HR.010  

Fraternization and Employment of Relatives Policy HR.011  

Conflict of Interest Policy HR.012   

Social Media Policy HR.014  

Relocation/Reimbursable Expenses Policy HR.015  

Life University’s Accommodations for University Employees and Applicants Policy HR.017      

Volunteer Policy HR.018   

Computer Use Policy IT.001  

Information Technology

Computer Use Policy IT.001  


Colleague Permissions Requests Policy OP.001  

Software Procurement and Management Policy OP.002  

Hardware Procurement Policy OP.003  


Internal Communications Policy MK.001  

Project Submission Policy MK.002  

Website Content Management Policy MK.003   

LIFE News & Events, Fac/Staff News & Events and Daily LIFE Wire Policy MK.004     

Enrollment & Recruitment

International Student Policy ER.001  

Offer of Admission Acceptance and Confirmation Policy ER.002    

International Evaluation Services For Admissions & Transfer Credit Evaluations Policy ER.003  


In-Kind Gift Acceptance Policy DV.001  

Student Services

Temporary Protective Order/Restraining Order Policy SS.001  

Animals On Campus Policy SS.002  

Controlled Substance Abuse And Recovery Assistance Policy SS.003  

Eligibility For Extracurricular Activities Policy SS.004  

Hazing Policy SS.005  

Involuntary Leave Policy SS.007  

Solicitation On Campus Policy SS.008  

Life University and FERPA Policy SS.009  

Ian Grassam Treehouse Activities Center Policy SS.010  

Direct Deposit Policy SS.011  

Payment Policy SS.012  

Refund Withdraw Priority Policy SS.013  

Withdrawal From Life University Policy SS.014  

Financial Aid Awarding Policy SS.016  

Children On Campus Policy SS.017  

Parking for Residents Of Life’s Village Retreat Policy SS.018  

Readmission Policy SS.019  

Student Records Policy SS.020  

Firearms and Weapons SS.022  

Resident Camper Policy SS.023  

Life University Housing Cancellation Policy SS.024  

New Commons Visitation Policy SS.025   

Resident and Freshmen Commuter Meal Plan Policy SS.026  

Freshmen Student Athlete Housing Requirements Policy SS.027   

Permanent Withdrawal Policy SS.029  

Graduation Cords And Stole Policy SS.030  

External Guest Speakers Policy SS.031  

First Year (Freshmen) Campus Living Requirement Policy SS.032  

Married And Family Member Tuition Benefit Policy SA.033  

Student Chosen Name Policy SA.034  


Sports & Athletics

Athletic Departments Eligibility Requirements Policy SP.001  

Athletics Travel Policy SP.002  

Coach/Athlete Ejection Policy SP.003  

Student Conduct-Travel Policy SP.005  

Substance Abuse Education and Testing Policy SP.006  


Physical Plant

Facilities Management Inclement Weather Procedures for Safety Policy PP.001  

Facilities Management “At-Fault” Employee Driver Accident Policy PP.002